Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Dew Can Do For You

A walking in the morning time time dew offerings great wellness benefits.

Appreciating how it glitters in the sunshine can give us a natural high and set us up for a great day, but the wellness benefits travel manner beyond that.

According to Sebastian Kneipp (1821-97), a German Priest, walking in the morning dew is considered a word form of hydrotherapy. Father Kneipp overcame TB with hydropathies and the healing powerfulness of works and went on to mend others with these practices.

Traditional folklore states us that immature misses can rinse their human face in it to do themselves beautiful and aged people can do the same to make themselves younger.

Eastern traditions state that it revitalizes and beef ups the body, and can also help with:

--Improving immune functioning

--Giving the organic structure energy

--Supporting the kidneys

--Helping nervous disorders

--Overcoming stress

From an energetic point of view this do so much sense. These benefits are connected with the first chakra, the root chakra, that supports the spinal column (nervous system), kidneys and adrenal glands (stress hormones), and immune system. The root chakra is located in the perineal country and draws in the energy from the earth.(Don't ya just love when the puzzler pieces all come up together?)

You can near your walking in the morning clip dew in two ways:

1.) Take a insouciant stroll

2.) Intend on it as a "home watering place healing treatment" for yourself and follow these steps:

--Go out at dawn

--Ideally have got on getas and don't have on socks

--Go to a clean country of grass that doesn't have stones, sticks, or rubble

--Take off your getas even if it is cold and walk in that country just for a few proceedings - you can even stand up and move your feet around

--With the dew on your feet steal your place back on and walk for a few proceedings around a broader area

--Slowly work your manner up to longer time periods of time (about 10 minutes) this manner if the weather condition is cool you will not catch a cold in the beginning

Just like anything else - when you make this on a consistent footing you can construct up the promised strength and verve in the body.

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